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The first waterproof Smartphone

 Sony has created the first waterproof Smartphone, the Xperia Z. They have just released the pre-order price for the stylish Xperia Z which is to be released late February but what price does Sony find suitable for the first waterproof Smartphone? £529!  

This is going into the iPhone 5 price range, which is of course very expensive for an Android Smartphone considering the Nexus 4 starts at just £240, although if you do pre-order the Xperia Z you will also receive a pair of Sony MDR-1R headphones which are worth a few hundred quid.

The Xperia Z:

Available in black, white and purple, the Xperia Z is a great looking phone which is impressive considering the waterproofing and solid build of the device hasn’t come at the expense of the stylish new look.

Sony’s new Smartphone really could have taken the top spot away from Samsung, with it slick design and impressive spec.

The spec:

A pin-sharp 5 inch 1080 pixel screen (an inch bigger than the iPhone 5), 4G, a quad-core Snapdragon brain and the Jelly Bean 4.2 is due for release just after its launch.

The price range may seem a bit steep now but once you realise you could have a lightning fast, future proof handset you may change your mind.

But apart from its amazing spec, the Xperia Z also has a battery boosting Stamina mode that will make sure the Smartphone outperforms its rivals and with its tough screen and waterproof body, it’s clear that Sony is really looking out for the everyday user.

Honestly this phone will be a tough one to beat...

So would you be tempted to shell out Apple price tags for an Android? 

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